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Matthew Groppe

Behind the RedBeard

Growing up, I always thought that technology was fascinating. Every time I got a new piece of tech, I wanted to know how it worked, what made it tick. This sort of analytical mindset spilled over into what I call, "people-ology." I found myself desiring to know the inner workings and motivations of people in regards to their actions, especially in their consumer habits. I didn't want to trade in one passion for another, so I decided to follow a career path that allowed me to fulfill both. 

RedBeard Marketing Solutions is the answer to my dueling passions. Bringing a fresh perspective from a digital generation for a digital generation. No one knows better of social media and its uses than someone who was born into it, whose generation it defines. I am prepared to use all the knowledge and experience that I have gained, and apply it to growing your business in this ever evolving digital age.